Questions to Ask an Agent about Long Island Homes for Sale

You can find Long Island homes for sale through open houses listings, which can give you the opportunity to have a feel of the place and directly talk to the listing agent to obtain complete information about the home. So, you need to be ready when you get the chance to meet with the selling agent. Here are some of the questions that can help.

1. How many people have made an offer?

best offerIf they have received offers, the agent might be willing to tell you, hoping that you will also make an offer and increase the price.

2. Why is the current homeowner moving?

The agent will probably not tell you if the owner is moving because the schools are not good or the neighbourhood is unsafe. However, just ask the question and try to see if the agent will hesitate from answering or give you a dubious answer.

3. Has the price been stable?

flexible-priceThe price of Long Island homes for sale may have changed a few times and your agent can find out about this, but the agent of the owner will grab the opportunity to explain why. The price probably went down because the owner has a strict timetable for moving. Inside information like this may be a hint that the selling price is flexible, which would allow you to make a less expensive offer.

4. When was the last update on the house?

You can easily spot visible updates, such as fresh paint or new appliance. However, it is just as important to obtain information about the age of the wiring and roof, which are not easy to notice.

5. How much are the utility bills?

Before making an offer, ask if you can see how much the utilities cost. If you are currently renting an apartment, you may be surprised that utility bills have a huge impact on your budget when you are living in your own house.

6. How long has the home been listed?

Your agent can tell you this information by checking the multiple listing services on Long Island homes for sale, but the owner’s agent can put this matter into context. The house may have been on sale for a long time only because the offer they received was from someone whose financial standing failed. This kind of information can help you decide whether or not you will make an offer.

7. What are the issues with the house?

The owner is required to inform prospective buyers about any code violations or structural issues. You can request for a written seller’s disclosure and if you are lucky, a chatty agent may tell you more personally. Make sure to check the problem areas the agent mentions and take photos of these areas so that you can consider them into the cost of renovations.

8. Where can you grab a bite?

When looking for Long Island homes for sale, information about a local coffee shop or restaurant will reveal so much about the area. If there is a nearby strip mall that locals frequently visit, you will probably like it as well.

9. What is the neighbourhood like?

Are there many retired people in the area? Is it a kid-friendly neighbourhood? Some individuals are not into a closely connected community, but some are much better off if there are kindred people around who are in the same stage of life. The owner’s agent can help provide information about who you would be making conversations with in the neighbourhood.

10. What is the owner’s timetable?

The owner sometimes accepts a buyer’s offer just because of timing. They probably want to sell their home quickly or wait until the end of the school year. If you have more information about the preferences of the owner, you can easily work around it and create an irresistible offer, but getting a good deal at the same time.

Remember: in your search for Long Island homes for sale, open houses listings are excellent opportunities to listen and ask questions, but be mindful not to say anything you do not want to be known about your current standing. If you are discreet about your financial status and how much you like the house, this would be an advantage if you are going to make an offer.